Senior Communication Officer


  • Excellent contractual opportunity till 30th June 2024 to work with IBAC
  • Be part of a dynamic, collaborative team making a difference
  • Values driven, energetic & flexible work environment

JB 44222

The Senior Communication Officer works in the Communication team within the Prevention & Communication division at IBAC.  The division works in an exciting and dynamic environment, leading work to meet IBAC’s legislated objectives to prevent corrupt conduct and police misconduct. The preferred candidate will have extensive experience and well-developed skills in communication and/or public affairs. They will be able to communicate well via written, verbal and digital means, and work effectively with clients and stakeholders at all levels, both inside and outside the organisation. Editing, production oversight and excellent project and supplier management skills are essential.

Apply now:

Slade Group is proud to be partnering with IBAC to recruit a number of critical roles for their expanding team.

IBAC’s vision and reason for being is the number one reason team members join and stay at IBAC. A Victorian public sector that actively resists corruption is something IBAC whole-heartedly believe in and work towards. Their dedication to fairness and natural justice is clear and tangible.

IBAC expectations are high; they expect their people to work with sensitive information confidentially and respectfully. They understand that to foster a corruption-resistant public sector, IBAC’s workplace must be built on integrity.

Before submitting an application, please read the candidate information packs which contain details on the key accountabilities, selection criteria and how to apply for the positions. Click here to view the candidate information pack.


At IBAC, we are committed to bringing together people with differing perspectives, lived experiences and skills to make choices that reflect our integrity and community, and to creating an inclusive work environment for all.